Sunday, March 1, 2015

400 Strategies for a Stress Free Life

  Research by the American Medical Association has found that stress is a major factor in 75% of all illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes stroke, emotional disorders, and premature aging.This alarming finding underscores the urgent need to deal with this debilitating problem. And it begs the question:

Join thousands of people worldwide who have broken
the choke-hold of stress in their lives forever with
these 400 techniques, which you will NOT find
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.STOP the stress that leaves you constantly rushed,
pressured, frustrated, and frazzled day in and day out.
You'll start easing your anxiety in just minutes from now.

STOP the stress of work, home, parenting, school,
finances, relationships, driving, shopping, traveling,
entertaining, holidays, and many other pursuits.
A strategy for virtually every stressful situation you face!G

.STOP the stress that burns useless nervous energy,
sapping your strength and slashing your productivity.
Learn the secrets to working calmly, confidently, enjoyably.

.STOP the stress that causes mistakes, accidents,
lateness, do-overs, and overall shoddy performance.
You'll actually gain time by being more efficient and in control.

.STOP the stress that eats away at your immune
unleashing free radicals & harmful hormones.
You'll have fewer colds, infections, headaches, and illnesses.

.STOP the stress that can eventually lead to cancer,
diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and premature aging.
You're killing yourself! Learn to live healthier, happier, longer.

.STOP the stress that will cost you untold thousands
of dollars for doctors and medical treatments.
This low-cost program is the cheapest health insurance ever!

STOP the stress of physical & mental clutter that
has you so stifled and hemmed in you can't breathe!
Packed with solutions to totally organize your home & office.

.STOP the stress that's damaging your relationships.
Regain a healthy rapport with your partner, friends, coworkers.

.STOP the stress that causes sleepless nights and
bedraggled days, leaving you tired and haggard.
Learn how to get a full, rejuvenating night's sleep, without drugs.

.STOP the stress you're feeling this very moment... 



Saturday, February 28, 2015

Natural homemade health remedies for Everyday Health Cures.

Natural homemade health remedies are exactly what they state,
natural remedies to make you feel better. Apart from leaving you
feeling healthier and fitter, they are cheaper than a Doctor’s fee.

So here is what is in the book…

-Nearly 2000 Natural Health Remedies.
-A-Z of Conditions covered for nearly every
single ailment you could think of.
-Every condition comes with a natural solution.
-Images to match your condition.
-Remedies to match and cure your condition.
-And just for good measure, I have given you some over
the counter remedies. Just for the sake of fairness.

This is an encyclopedia of Natural Homemade Remedies and will allow
you to swiftly get back to full fitness in light of any little illness and
do so the natural, quick way without synthetic pain
killers or anything that disables your day.

Why Natural Remedies?

That question can be asked all day long by people who want to put their
faith in the pharmaceutical industry. But the truth is, even health care
professionals trust Natural Remedies.

If you’re skeptical let’s look at the
facts on Natural Remedies…

-Natural Remedies have been the main medicine in China
for over 2500 years, take a look at Acupuncture.
-25% of prescribed drugs contain natural remedies in the USA.
-In Germany a third of Medical Doctors have studied natural drugs.
-Natural remedies are FDA approved otherwise they would not
be able to be sold across the USA or worldwide for that matter.

Natural Remedies are not something that which is a quirk or a trend,
they are sincerely part of the healthcare process. They are simply
not full of unnatural chemicals that may alter your body.
Know What You Have and How To Cure It In Seconds!
Speculating about a sickness, ailments or even just the symptoms
can be hard work…guess work. But, with

The Big Book of Home Remedies

You have the opportunity to find out straight
away what you have and how to deal with it!

“The Big Book of Home Remedies” explains to you over 100
illnesses in depth and tells you more importantly how you
could start to feel healthy again with remedies in
Natural Health that are unique but proven.

Just Think…

Recognize when you are ill without any expense of going back and
forth from the Doctor’s. Have information at your fingertips which
will help you operate all day every day to the
benefit of your job, children and family.

-You will be able to find a natural healthy proven remedy.
-You will know which remedy will cure you quickly.
-You will not be full of chemicals that slow you down.
-You will not be full of feeling of numbness or other side-effects
that prescribed drugs often give you.

Having an A-Z of Natural Health remedies that even tells you
or confirms your illness and symptoms will only allow
you to recover quickly and sooner.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

2 Ways to Get Back on Course When Your Communication is Off

 Have you ever wondered how a casual conversation with your mate can somehow end up an argument?
Maybe you two started out talking about something as mild as the weather and in some way one or both of you were triggered and ended up shutting down.If you’re tuned in to yourself and your partner, it is almost palpable when either of you (especially you) shuts down.Communication either stops completely or turns into conflict. And if you’re not tuned in, the disconnection and distance is the same but you probably feel confused about what exactly happened!
Joan and Sam are sailors. They love taking their cruising sailboat out for week-long adventures in waters they’ve not explored before.
They work together excellently when it comes to sailing. Joan is the navigator who has studied the charts and advises Sam, the usual captain, the best course to take.
They both know when their boat is off the charted course and they work as a team to make the necessary corrections. Neither wants to risk running aground, crashing into rocks or getting lost.
In other areas of their relationship, however, Joan and Sam do not communicate or work so well as a team. In fact, part of the reason they usually spend their leisure time sailing is to avoid the tension and fighting that otherwise erupts.
Their main source of conflict is their two daughters who are now young adults. Both are in college and, according to Sam both need to learn how to fend for themselves.
He is ready to cut them off financially and sees his daughters as spoiled and needing some real life lessons. Joan vehemently disagrees and wants her daughters to have financial as well as emotional support while they study hard and prepare for careers in the “real world.”
Holidays, visits and phone calls with their daughters are usually tense and even argumentative. Joan is afraid Sam is driving their children away and Sam fears their daughters will never make their own way in the world.
Needless to say, outside of sailing, Joan and Sam’s relationship is growing more distant and disconnected.
Check your own course.
When your relationship seems stuck in a place you never wanted to go, it’s time for a course correction. During difficult times, it might be easier to look to your partner as the primary (or sole) source of the problems between you two.
“After all,” Joan might think to herself, “it is Sam who is being so stubborn and extreme.” As tempting as it may be to blame your mate for the disconnection between you, make a different choice!
Rather than searching for which one of you is the problem or the stubborn one, take time to check in with yourself. Think back to a recent conversation with your love that turned into an argument and try to remember how you felt as the conversation escalated.
Do your shoulders tend to tense up? Do knots form in your stomach? Recognize the body signals that you are feeling triggered. Maybe there are specific thoughts that come to you when conflict is revving up.
Sam often thinks to himself that Joan doesn’t respect him or his ideas. “She always rejects what I have to say,” he might believe. When you begin to notice that your course change doesn’t feel good, you can make corrections and shift it.
Take the lead.
Once you realize you are shutting down during communication with your partner, you are in a wonderful position! You can now consciously decide what you want to do next.
As painful as it is to feel misunderstood or rejected, it can be empowering to remember you have choices. You don’t have to play out the same arguments with your mate over and over again. You can take the lead and be the one taking steps toward opening up rather than closing down even more.
You may want to ask your love to give you a few minutes to clear your head before continuing to talk.
During that time, breathe deeply and dismiss from your mind all of those disempowering thoughts. You don’t need them! Instead, assure yourself that a loving, connecting resolution is possible.
It can also be helpful to ask yourself what this conflict is really about for you. Getting down to your core feelings can help you more easily see what you truly want.
While there are no guarantees that your partner will follow your lead and make the course corrections you have, you will probably feel more ease.
You also aren’t contributing to the argument the way you were before which can only help. Ultimately, as you get more in touch with how you are feeling and what you want, you can more effectively and lovingly communicate.

How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism are notoriously difficult to overcome.
We can dwell on the reason that it is so difficult but this is likely to be wasted effort. Instead, we need to unlock some of the key principles that can enable long term recovery when it comes to treating drug addiction.
Thus far, no one has developed a treatment program or methodology that has proven to be even remotely successful for treating addiction. When considering the success rates of such things, the numbers are decidedly disappointing. Having lived in a long term treatment facility, and now working in a drug and alcohol rehab for the last 4 years, I have seen this startling lack of success first hand, as hundreds of addicts go out into the world--make an honest attempt at recovery--and ultimately fail, only to return to treatment again at a later date. I have seen this over and over again. I don't need published statistics to tell me that treatment is failing us; I see it every day at my job.
So why do I keep showing up to work, if I believe that treatment is failing us? For one thing, it's all we've got in the fight against drug addiction. For two, treatment works in some cases, and the small handful of successes are enough to keep me going. It's worth pointing out that treatment worked for me. But it fails so many people, and the problem of addiction is so widespread, that I believe we have a duty to find superior treatment methods. I believe it's worth fighting for....shouldn't we try to find a better way? Success rates of our existing treatment models are below 10 percent when measured a year after leaving treatment, and in rigorous and thorough studies it is closer to 2 or 3 percent. This is unacceptable in my opinion.
What I have learned in my journey through recovery is based both on my experience and on that of watching others. I lived with over 40 recovering drug addicts at a long term facility in early recovery, and now I work with hundreds, even thousands of addicts each year at a treatment center. My experience is that the ones who succeed in recovery are those who find passion and purpose in creating a new life for themselves. This may or may not occur with the twelve step program as the foundation for growth.
The key is to purposefully create a new life in recovery. It is not enough to just quit the drugs and alcohol and expect to be content. I also believe that a spiritual solution, by itself, is short-changing us in the personal growth department, when the true creative life in recovery incorporates a full range of holistic categories, such as fitness, nutrition, emotional balance, and so on.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Cure for Any Disease

The world's health is literally ticking away every moment that Sleep Deprivation is not resolved. This is progressive problem and can cause loss of health, loss of money, and even loss of life.
Sleep Deprivation has reached epidemic proportions all over the world and adversely affects nearly 50% of Americans. Many people do not recognize that the state of health is in direct relationship with getting adequate rest! Literally trillions of dollars are spent year after year for the sake of good health when getting the required amount of rest can alleviate the vast majority of illnesses plaguing the lives of people everywhere!
More emphasis is placed on vitamins, nutrition, and exercise than on rest. Rest is a word that means restoration. In order for the body to function at its highest potential, it must have adequate rest. In fact, rest is so important that; without it, a person can loose his health, his memory, and even his very life ([]). Merely sleeping for long periods of time does not constitute achieving an adequate night's rest; in fact, some people literally feel more tired, and with less energy when sleeping too long.

Society seems to have become accustomed to just taking a pill for any ill. Now, though we recognize the importance of medicine, many of the drugs we take carry so many potential side affects. Therefore, some people just avoid taking them altogether; some may try other alternatives, while others may come to the conclusion that they will have to live with whatever the affects may be--all for the sake of a good night's sleep
On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who prefer the more natural alternatives, with the use of herbs and organic supplements. Now, even though this may be considered a safer choice in the minds of most of those who choose this approach to health and wellness, since everyone has a different body chemistry, and hormonal balance, there are still potential risks of adverse biological interactions.
So, then, some others continue to seek other options to minimize potential side affects; namely, some form of hypnosis, or meditation, but then there may be some apprehension due to their fear of harmful psychological repercussions. Some have even utilized acupuncture, acupressure, or massage therapy in an attempt to get the body to slow down, relax, and take the necessary steps that can cause it to fall asleep, but even those may involve some level of pain or discomfort.
Well, there are so many different sleep aides that can cause the body to fall to sleep, and they all have their individual intents and purposes; however, there is one designed, through simply listening to pre-recorded sound tracks, where proper bio-rhythms are regulated in the brain, through safe sound stimulation. This promotes the most healthy, deep, fulfilling sleep--naturally, and completely; thereby causing the body to get its biological clock and immune system back in order for optimum health.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Parenting Solutions For Today's Family.


Taking Care of Yourself
This is solely directed to the parent(s). What I am talking about here is an understanding of what it means to take care of you, FIRST. This article will help you realize how important your physical and emotional health is, and presents the keys to being able to take GOOD care of your children.

Taking care of you is nothing to joke about. It actually means that you need to do whatever you need to do to be completely healthy, FIRST. I know this notion seems unrealistic when you have two children (or more) in diapers and you do it all, day in and day out. I am one of those mothers' too. I know the idea of giving more seems incredibly overwhelming. Mothers, especially single mothers give when there is nothing left to give. What I am suggesting though is that you give to yourself first. The children can and will wait and as a bonus you are setting an excellent example of model behavior for your children while you are doing it.

As we all know, children learn what they see, not what you say. So, knowing that, aren't you glad to be teaching them how to take care of themselves by setting excellent examples of independence and self- reliance? If they see that you are putting yourself first with healthy habits then they will learn to do the same.

The children's immediate and necessary needs will be met and the ones that don't get met right away because you are stretching, doing yoga, running a mile on the tread mill or meditating, will survive. I am not suggesting you let a baby, screaming in hunger, starve while you run; what I mean is, that you schedule in time for yourself just like you would schedule in the laundry or the errands for the day.

When you decide to take care of yourself first, it is actually the most selfless act of love you can do for your children. You are giving them the gift of YOU. By taking care of your physical health and emotional health you are giving more to your children. You have more to offer when your own needs are being met. There is a clear distinction between taking care of yourself so that you may give to others, and just taking care of yourself; the difference is, that when you are taking care of yourself first in very healthy ways (working out, eating right, going back to school) the prevailing mindset will be for the greater good and well being of your family. Shopping until you have no money or taking excessive time for yourself, leaving your responsibilities behind is far from nurturing the well being of your family. This article is about better parenting through understanding and healthy, pro-active choices.

This brings me to another point about taking care of you. I have learned that no matter who is in your life, a husband, a partner, a boyfriend/ are the only one responsible for taking care of you. It may seem that this suggestion is cold and dooming but the reality is that once you learn how to meet your own needs, you will be in a much better position to not only meet the needs of others but also to accept the love and attention from others. When you know how to give to yourself, it enables you to be better at receiving what others have to offer. It is that simple. So how do you do that?

 Start by doing a complete self-evaluation. That means that you need to know exactly where you are right now in order to have direction on where you want to be: Educating yourself is a good start to excellent parenting skills.

Home Remedies Cures For Children

Nobody really would like to go to the doctor. There are typically long waits required both in the waiting room and then once again in the exam room. Not only are the co-pays a pain in the you-know-what, but working with a health care provider who can't remember your name or history without taking a look at your chart isn't exactly heartwarming. All the same, if there are actually major medical decisions to make, nothing will ever be as good as the advice of a doctor. If you're trying to figure out what to do about a major illness, it is amazingly important that you talk to a doctor. If the challenge is little, on the other hand, there are almost certainly quite a few remedies in your home already. Here are a number of the most familiar and most productive home remedies out there.

When you feel queasy or sick to your tummy, try eating a little bit of ginger. Most sorts of nausea can be assisted by eating ginger: morning sickness, motion sickness and even sometimes the nausea that is brought on by chemotherapy when you are fighting cancer. If you don't have easy access to natural ginger root, you'll be able to take ginger root capsules. The 250 mg ginger root capsules are usually what get advised the most often for people who have a hard time affording regular ginger root.

Do you generally experience increased degrees of blood pressure? Try to eat one or two pieces of chocolate and listening to some music. Dark chocolate is especially healthy because it is packed with antioxidants that will help you expand your blood vessels which makes it easier for the blood to pass in your system which helps to lower your blood pressure. For your music select something that has a relaxed tone and is repetitive. You can help yourself additionally by breathing deeply from your abdomen. Just a single ounce of chocolate and a quarter hour of playing slower and repetitive tunes like Indian, Celtic and Classical can do so much for your overall emotional state.
Women who have to deal with menstrual cramps will help themselves a lot by putting heat onto their lower backs and abdomens. That old try a heating pad or perhaps a hot water bottle trick truly has some merit. If you do not have the time to lie down with a hot water bottle, the heated adhesive patches work well too. The patches stay heated for as long as eight hours as well as give you the same relief that you would get from medications like ibuprofen and without your having to deal with the other effects that the pain meds will have on your system.

If you happen to be stressed out, try some natural aroma therapy. Studies have verified that linalool, a floral scented mixture, is able to do quite a bit to quell stress levels. So if youre feeling edgy take some time to smell some basil, oranges, lemons, grapes, lavender or mangoes. This is going to be a lot more cost effective than taking a trip to your doctor.
Obviously, none of this advice is meant to take the place of advice given to you by your medical professional and if any of these problems are happening to you regularly, a visit to the doctor's office should be put on your to-do list. Once in a while, though, for little problems, home remedies seriously do work!